Sharing Our News

After telling the doctor, I felt a lot more at ease with sharing our news.  Even though we were only about 4 weeks along, she assured me that sharing our news with loved ones would be exciting for everyone involved.  Of course she laid out the stats of miscarriage and stuff, but she also said if something tragic were to happen I’d need a lot of shoulders to cry on (she knows me all too well). 
With me going off to Florida in a few days, we knew there was no time to share with our parents, so we each picked a person to tell.  I of course picked Ashley not only because she’s my best friend, but mostly because the baby is due on her birthday!!  Ben told the lady at the blood drive, but then ended up telling our neighbor while they were golfing.  Of course I needed to share the news with Katie before going on her Disney Bachelorette Adventure.  Afterall, I didn’t want her to think I was being a Debbie Downer (we had Tropical Storm Debby to thank for that anyway).  By the end of the trip I’m pretty sure everyone knew (apparently my lack of drinking was a major giveaway).  
We decided to tell our parents the day after I got back from Disney.  Ashley and I went on a mission to buy baby frames at Kohl’s for the grandparents.  She was my decoy in case we ran into someone we knew.  
This is what we came up with to give our parents.  They both got a different frame, but the contents were the same.
Earlier that morning I read on FB that mom was hosting dinner for the fam, including David and Melissa.  Everyone was going to be working on the house, so this was the perfect time.  I made Ben call dad to tell him we’d be over and played dumb when mom text to say she was having dinner.  I was beyond nervous the entire ride over.  Dinner was ready shortly after we arrived and I was the last to get my plate.  Right as mom was about to go sit outside with AJ I stopped her and handed her the frame.  It took about a second for it all to register and then came the loudest scream I’ve ever heard.  Followed by the scream was tears.  
Once we left my parents, we headed to Ben’s parents.  They were a little busy with things so it wasn’t the right time.  We decided to go back the next night and it couldn’t have been more perfect.  Grandma and Grandpa Mather were in town and they were there when we shared our good news.  We were all standing outside and Chris went to go get Ben a beer, but before she did, Ben handed her the frame.  Her happy dance was adorable.  Grandma Mather started crying and lots of hugs were passed around.  
We are still continuing to tell our family and friends.  A good majority of Ben’s family was in town for his sisters wedding, so we got to share our news with them then.  Ben was wearing his World Class Dad, World Class Team Brewers shirt at rehearsal.  Auntie Deb was the first to notice, but still didn’t believe it at first!!
My ultimate goal is to tell everyone in person, though there are the few that we can’t because of distance.  If I haven’t been able to tell you in person, I’m sorry.  Excitement like this is hard to contain!!

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