Happy Father’s Day

June 16, 2012 was the day that changed our whole world forever.  Mostly mine because as far as Ben knew it was just another day.  We had gotten home from visiting with friends in Minnesota and I wasn’t feeling the greatest.  I told Ben that I need a “time out,” which isn’t out of the ordinary so he never thought anything of it.  After taking a shower I got to thinking about how I knew the two weeks we had been so patiently waiting for were almost up.  Twelve days prior was “DDay” as we called it and waiting two weeks for that positive test was about killing me.  As usual, I sat down at the computer and started doing some Google search.  People post the strangest things online, including pregnancy tests!!  Well I decided if some of these women had gotten positives twelve days post ovulation I could too.  Three minutes after peeing on the stick I about fell over when I saw those two pink lines.  This had been such a long time coming and having peed on almost thirty sticks in the last 18 months meant I was definitely shocked.  Tears immediately started flowing while absorbing everything that was happening.  To make myself feel better and help process the news (no matter how bad you want something it still can be completely shocking) I decided to go to Target (no brainer) and grocery shop.  Once home I did my best to ignore Ben (sorry) and headed to bed as to not drop the big news.

June 17, 2012 at 6:36 am was the day that changed Ben’s life forever.  I am not sure how I slept through the night, but I did.  Waking up early is not out of the ordinary these days, thank you Bernie, so Ben didn’t even wake up as I headed to the rest room.  This time I decided to pee on two sticks.  One digital, one not.  Still got the exact same results and all I remember thinking was “gosh I look awful.  Couldn’t you have a least worn cute pjs to bed!”  I quietly crept out of the bathroom and onto Ben’s side of the bed.  Figuring that he would wake as soon as he felt me next to him I sat there for a few seconds and was surprised when he didn’t budge.  I tried tickling him and finally was shoving him before he actually moved.  Eventually he woke, me yelling “wake up” probably helped a bit.  When he opened his eyes I shoved the test in his face (I’m very persistent) and it took a minute before it sank in.  The look on his face was priceless.  After a little jumping up and down and belly kissing it was time for presents.  In my world, presents are a must for any occasion.  When we first started trying and I thought this was going to be a “wamb bamb thank you mam,” I stocked up on all sorts of presents.  Well since that didn’t happen, these presents were burning a whole in my closet.  Naturally, Ben rolled his eyes when I said presents, but he definitely wears his “World Class Dad, World Class Team” Brewers shirt with pride.

I decided to start a blog to document my pregnancy for a number of reasons.  One, there is so much happening right now I’m afraid I’ll forget it all.  Second, we have a lot of people in our lives that don’t get to see us on a regular basis.  For you, we hope you’ll get to feel like you’re enjoying (yes, I plan on enjoying every minutes of it, even the not so fun parts) this process with us.  Third, lets be honest, we are so DANG excited that it’s hard not to constantly talk about it.  Fourth, one day, Baby Z will get to read this and see how he/she came to be part of the greatest family with millions of people that already love him/her. 

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